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The Politics of Memory

Title: The Politics of Memory



Memory has been a topic of academic interest recently, and the traumatic memories caused by historical violence and tragedy have been manifested in literary works and cultural expressions, which becomes an epistemology for creators and researchers to re-examine their life experiences and national history. The author, Lee Yu-cheng, has been concerned with memory for many years, and his book "Memory" published four years ago has examined various aspects of memory.

Publishing: Center for the Humanities, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung.

Table of Contents:

       Preface|————————————————————— v
                  I|Memory————————————————— 01
                 II|Forgotten———————————————— 08
                III|Loss of Memory————————————— 18
                IV|Re-remember—————————————— 26
                 V|Trauma————————————————— 33
                VI|Post-memory—————————————— 40
               VII|The Politics of Memory—————————— 62
Bibliography|———————————————————— 73


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