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Diaspora, Localis, and Sinophone Malaysian Literature


This book is an anthology of Ma Hua literary theories, showing the "break and inheritance" of Ma Hua literary discourse after the millennium. In the study of MCA literature in 2008, "new discourses" should be present in order to explore further on the existing basis, and there should be a new paradigm. Therefore, it is necessary to compile Dividing the achievements of Ma Hua literature in the watershed. Look at how the authors of this book discussed Ma Hua and how to contextualize literature in those years. The book includes 12 articles and an interview.
Publisher: Kaohsiung City: National Sun Yat-sen University Humanities Research Center / Discrete / Modernity Lab
i︱Zhang Jinzhong
 Foreword: The Product of Delay
01︱Huang Jinshu
Introduction: Departure and Homeland
Volume One ◎ General Discussion
09 Zhe Lin Jianguo
Fang Xiulun
43 Xinzhuang Huaxing
Description, Imagination and Subjectivity of Translation: A Case Study of Chinese Literature Criticism
63︱Golden tree
Negaraku: Travel to Taiwan, CPM and Potted Situation
89︱ Wei Yueping
"Who" cares about "literary citizenship"? : Strategies for Explaining the Political Identity of Chinese Literature in Malaysia
113 Yi Zhong Zhong
Orientation and Anxiety: A Study of the Issues of Ma Hua / Hua Ma Literature
Chapter 123: Zhang Jinzhong
 The leap in the past: leapfrogging 1949, looking back at 1948, or, repeating "Ma Huawen
Problem of artistic uniqueness "
Volume 贰 writers
141 Zhan Minxu
How to Write Taiwan: Transnational Local Identity in Li Yongping's Novels
163 Lin Yunhong
What will be in the rainforest after the state of Banguo? : On Zhang Guixing's Beast Grand View Garden
199 Gao Jiaqian History and Narrative: On Huang Jinshu's Fable Writing
219 Yan Yanfu: Bad Voices and Worries: On Huang Jinshu's "Worry" Writing
255︱Brian Bernards Garden Hill and Rain Forest: Colonial Discourse and Natural Writing in Zhang Guixing's Works
269 ​​Lin Chunmei From Hua Ling to Kuala Lumpur: Women's Journey in Shang Wanyu
Appendix ◎ Interview
291︱ Zhang Jinzhong asked / Li Youcheng answered In the past, different spaces: Li Youcheng answered Zhang Jinzhong's email interview
309︱Introduction to editors and authors
313 Index


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