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Voice of altergeneration : essays on Sinophone



This book contains ten papers, showing three aspects of Malaysian Chinese literature and cultural expression: cross-border, cross-border and identity, transcendence, variation and political lyrical, and the writing and writing of the CPM. These aspects are also the concerns or issues of MCA literature researchers in Taiwan and Malaysia for many years. Each of the articles in this book has its own significant points, and it is worth reading carefully.
Publisher: Kaohsiung City: National Sun Yat-sen University Humanities Research Center / School of Arts
Contents vii
Foreword / Zhang Sixiang
01︱Zhang Jinzhong, Xiong Tinghui Introduction: New Voice, "Hua", Newcomer
Volume One ◎ Cross-domain, Cross-border and Identity
09︱ Qiu Jilai, Christian Protestant missionaries and MCA literature: On "History of Ancient and Modern Saints" and "On the Friends of Zhang Yuan"
23︱ Pan Shunyi, "Voice" and "Hua": On the Trans-Southern Region of Patriotic Songs (1930-1960)
55︱ Huang Guohua Banana style, mining style and food style: On Malayan eve system and reconstruction of national identity
Scroll ◎ Passover, Variation and Political Lyrics
111︱Liu Wenhui Reborn in the Secrets: Observing He Shufang's Islamic Writing
133︱Chen Xianen Floating World and Evil Evil: Inheritance and Variation of the "Ninghu Butterfly School" in Li Tianyi's Novels
155 Ye Ye Fuyan Birds in Prison: On You Chuan and His Poems
Ginseng ◎ writing by the CPM and MCA literature
175︱Xiao Zhifan Looking for the disappeared CPM father: Reappearance of the CPM memory in the documentary "Never Leave" 195︱Deng Guanjie
217︱Zhou En's Return of Life and Rain: On the Image of Reproduction and Rain in Huang Jinshu's Rain
233 ︱ Huang Jinshu Postscript: To the newcomer
 235 Ye Ye Fuyan Afterword: Everything is accidental
237︱Introduction to editors and authors
241 Index



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