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Shadow under the Light of Enlightenment

Title: Shadow under the Light of Enlightenment

Editor-in-chief: Zhang Jinzhong


The two articles included in this book do not understand non-mainstream discourse and even violate the "master discourse", but it can be said that psychoanalysis is silently shouting under university discourse. They are silent, and it is known that they are destined not to be heard at the same time they are written, but the silence at this moment also shows that someone here has shouted loudly. Just as Edvard Munch's painting "Scream" hung silently on the gallery wall, wasn't it the silence we heard from the cry that was no longer there? It is worth reading carefully.

Publisher: Kaohsiung City: National Humanities Research Center of Sun Yat-sen University

Foreword | A moment at university───────── vii

I | Enlightenment and Freud's Reason ──── 01

I I am the Word of the Other ───────── 23

Literature cited in this book ──────────── 63


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